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Automatic privacy zone detection

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Privacy zones

With your privacy as one of our top priorities today we have launched automatic privacy zones detection.

Starting today, all new activities will be scanned to check if you regularly start or finish in the same location. If we detect that you do often start or finish in the same place a new privacy zone will be created for you. The privacy zone will mask the exact start or end location so anyone viewing your public activities is not able to determine where you home or place of work might be.

Privacy zones can be edited, or created on the website at Settings > Privacy. You can choose to disable auto-detection altogether, or choose to ignore any zones that have been automatically created for you. Likewise, privacy zones can be deleted.

Privacy first

Our default set up for new users is all offline. This means that users have to choose to share their activities publicly when they wish to. We wanted to make sure that when our users do share their activities publicly that their privacy is protected by default. Automatic privacy zones will work in the background without users needing to configure their account to protect their privacy. Automatic privacy zones will help to do that for you.

We hope you like this new feature. If you have any feedback about this or any other features then please do get in touch at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).