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Upload TCX, FIT, CRS and SRM files to Map My Tracks

We love it when we can bring our users good news and especially when it can help to save some time. Today we have extended the range of file formats that can be uploaded to Map My Tracks which means that there is now no need to convert everything to a GPX file before it can be added to Map My Tracks.

TCX, FIT, CRS and SRM have been added to the existing GPX file formats supported on Map My Tracks. Files can be manually uploaded through the site or by using the Map My Tracks email dropbox that all users have. Either way, the activities are uploaded and added to your profile.

Uploading files is easy. You can upload files from My Activities, by email to your dropbox or through the profile section. First choose the file upload option.


Then attached the file, set the activity type, let everyone know how you got on and tag it if needed.


As with all activities you can choose who can see it. Public activities mean everyone can see how you got on but if want to keep it private then set it to for your eyes only.

We’ve added these file types by popular request so if you’d like us to add other file types then email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and let us know. Send us some sample files and we’ll do our best to add them into the mix of supported files.

Hope you enjoy the new feature.


Tribesports added to OutFront’s sharing options

The latest update of Map My Tracks OutFront for iPhone is now available to download from the App Store and includes a mix of new features and improvements to existing ones.

Among many updates is a new sharing option with Tribesports. This is in addition to sharing with Facebook and Twitter and of course Map My Tracks. This means that Tribesports users can now use their iphone to log their activities with Map My Tracks OutFront and sync them directly to their Tribesports profile.

To set up sharing with Tribesports go to the app’s Settings > Sharing settings > Tribesports. Enter your Tribesports username and password. Tribesports sharing is only available in the pro app.

Other updates made in the latest release include:

  • Cadence / footpod sensor support.
  • Heart rate, cadence and power data available on track review.
  • Tribesports activity sharing.
  • Improved elevation accuracy.
  • Sea kayaking, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding activities.
  • Improved Dutch language.
  • Various features optimized and improved.

Find out more about OutFront or download it from the App Store.

Analyse SRM power data on Map My Tracks

SRMSRM have long been considered the gold standard of power meters that provides cyclists with additional data about their performance. They're popular amongst pro and elite cyclist around the world - so much so that most of the UCI World Tour cycling teams ride with SRM power meters - including Team Sky to which Map My Tracks are official suppliers.

We’re thrilled to announce that we have now added support to import, read and analyze SRM data files here on Map My Tracks. Power, cadence, speed, elevation, heart rate and pace are available to analyze and just like any other activity the data can be examined in detail for any ascent, descent or time period throughout the session.

Uploading an SRM file is simple

First connect the SRM PowerControl unit with your computer to download the data. The files are saved in the directory you have designated but the default directory is: C:\Program Files\SRM Training System\_DATA.SRM.

Then either email the files to your personal Map My Tracks email dropbox or use the upload options in your profile to add the SRM file to your profile. There are also upload options in the My Activities section. As with all activities a public one is available for everyone to see and private ones are for your eyes only. If you’re part of a team on Map My Tracks the public activities will be added to the team for team members to review.

Analyzing SRM data

Once uploaded the SRM data is available to analyze within your profile or training room.

To help better analyze the data each data type can be switched on or off.

Any segment of the activity can be examined in more detail. Simply click into the chart and choose the period to examine in more detail.

View the data on any device

As with all activities on Map My Tracks they can be reviewed via desktop, tablet and mobile browsers. The forthcoming update of the Map My Tracks iPhone app, OutFront, can also be used to review, analyze and share SRM data files.

This is just the start of what we have planned for SRM data files. We’ll be modifying the dropbox to let you upload SRM files by email as well as increasing the range reports on the data.

As ever, we’d love to hear from you to find out what you’d like to see added. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy using the new tools.

Follow the Cisco Riders live in the Ride Across Britain

A team a riders from Cisco will be taking to the saddle over the next nine days as part of the Ride Across Britain 2011 cycling event starting from John O'Groats and finishing at Land's End. By riding this event Cisco aims to raise £50,000 fundraising for ParalympicsGB.

Their progress will tracked live by Map My Tracks and available for spectators to follow on the Cisco Rider hub here on Map My Tracks. Online spectators can follow the progress of the riders live each day, provide encouragement through Twitter and Facebook and support their activity by donation through Just Giving.

The Cisco Riders Hub features a range of statistics highlighting the achievements by each rider and just like a standard Map My Tracks Hub any rider joining them for the day can also include their progress by using one of the Map My Tracks apps and tagging their activity with ‘ciscoriders’.

For those not able to stay in front of your PC during the event they can keep up to date with the progress of riders by downloading the Map My Tracks OutFront iPhone app. With this app each rider’s progress can be followed live. Here’s how to get set up to follow their progress with OutFront.

Follow the Cisco Riders live on an iPhone

First download Map My Tracks OutFront from the App Store and create a free user account via the app.

Then tap ‘Activities’ then tap the cog icon in the bottom right corner.

Then in the search bar type and search for ‘ciscoriders’.

This will display a column of all the rider’s activities. To save the column tap the cog in the top right.

Then finally tap ‘Add to Wall’ to include this on the Activity Wall in the app. Once saved to the Activity Wall it’s easy to keep track of each rider and follow their progress live on the iPhone.

Download Map My Tracks OutFront from the App Store to get started.


Facebook sharing and a temporary fix

If you're having trouble sharing your activities from OutFront to your Facebook profile then this tip might help.

We’ve notice a bug in the app doesn’t save the settings correctly when you first connect the app with Facebook. The bug will be fixed in the next release but while Apple is reviewing the update the steps below will let you work around the problem.

Step 1. Open app and tap ‘Settings’ then ‘Sharing settings’.

Step 2. Tap ‘Connect with Facebook’ and log into Facebook. Once the Facebook login is complete tap on ‘Settings’ to return to the main settings page.

So far this is normal behavior but the bug is stopping the changes from being saved so we need to force the page to save the changes. If you do not see a ‘Save’ button in the top right corner you will need to adjust another setting to force this onscreen. To do this follow the next steps.

Step 3. Tap the weight settings then make an adjustment on the weight and then tap ‘Settings’ to return to the main page. This will force the ‘Save’ button to appear in the top corner.

Step 4. Tap ‘Save’ to store the changes to the settings. This will also save the Facebook sharing settings as well.

We sorry we didn’t spot this problem in the app but by following these simple steps you can successfully save the Facebook sharing option and then be able to post your activities on Facebook.

The next release will have a fix for this. If you continue to have trouble please email support [at] where we can provide direct assistance.


Introducing the Map My Tracks Endurance iPhone app

With the cycle sportive season in full swing we are delighted to announce the launch of Map My Tracks Endurance app for iPhone®.

Endurance is the perfect companion on long distance rides or runs when you want share your progress live online for others to follow.

Map My Tracks Endurance is a light-weight, low-power app that is designed to make long distance live tracking possible with an iPhone. Capable of tracking live for over 24 hours on one charge, Map My Tracks Endurance reduces the battery drain that can be experienced from other iPhone tracking apps. With this app it’s easy for friends, family or sponsors to follow your progress online throughout long distance events like sportives, gran fondos or marathons.

As with our other iPhone apps, Endurance seamlessly connects with your profile to let spectators follow your progress online from around the world. And just like OutFront, when multiple riders use the same tag their activities can be followed live on an event hub. With the Map My Tracks Endurance app sports event organisers have a viable live tracking solution that all their participants can use.

The app will get its first outing in the the Ride Across Britain where the team of riders from Cisco will be using Map My Tracks Endurance throughout the nine day event. Their progress will be followed live on the Cisco Riders event hub on by sponsors, friends and Cisco work colleagues around the world.

Map My Tracks Endurance is free to download from the App Store and is compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS & iPhone 4 and as usual unlimited live tracking is available to all Map My Tracks account holders.

Using Endurance

Endurance couldn’t be simpler to use when out riding or running. Once logged into the app set the update frequency, add a tag, then tap start. It’s that simple.

Endurance has been designed with long distance live tracking in mind. In order to extend the battery life the app is optimised to use GPS only when needed. More frequent updates use more power and in turn reduces the overall tracking time. So adjust the update frequency to suit the activity session. In tests carried out on an iPhone 4 at two minute updates the battery life was extended to over 10 hours.

As Map My Tracks Endurance is a light-weight tracking app is does not provide a breakdown of your performance within the app (for that we suggest you use OutFront). However, since each activity is live there is full breakdown of the activity stats online in your profile.

Map My Tracks OutFront 2.0 is here

We listen to the feedback, peeled back the layers of OutFront and put it all back together as the all new Map My Tracks OutFront 2.0 for iPhone.

Map My Tracks OutFront 2.0 is true multi-sport high performance GPS computer that’s the perfect companion to use on bike rides, runs or walks as well as just about any other outdoor pursuit. OutFront 2.0 includes all the great features from the original app along with some major improvements and new features to help keep you motivated to get outdoors and keep fit.

The all new Map My Tracks OutFront 2.0 lets you:

  • Measure your performance and track your speed, pace, heart rate, calories burned, duration, elevation gain/loss and much more for each activity you do.
  • Share your activities on Facebook and Twitter including auto tweets when starting and stopping activities.
  • Follow friends, comment on their performance and help keep them motivated.
  • Broadcast your activities live streaming on for friends and family to follow your progress during training or in races to cheer you on.
  • Easily send activities to where your online Training Room keeps a log of your activities and lets you: better understand your training, keep motivated; and improve your performance.
  • Customise and organise your activities with notes, comments, tags and titles.
  • Discover new nearby routes from the rest of the Map My Tracks community.
  • Connect ANT+ sensors to monitor heart rate during activities (cadence, strid rate and power support coming soon).

Download the app

Map My Tracks OutFront 2.0 is now available to download from the App Store and there is a try-before-you-buy free app to give a go as well. The free version is limited to saving only one activity at at time and carries adverts so if you need to record more activities the the pro app will serve you best.

Help, support and feedback

Behind the scenes the Map My Tracks team has been working hard on this version to make sure that it reflects how you use Map My Tracks and that it provides you with all the features you’ve been asking for. There’s more work to do but with this version we have the platform for build some great new tools with. This app is the result of the comments, feedback and support from the Map My Tracks community and we thank you all for letting us know what’s important to you. Your help has been invaluable and we can’t wait to hear what you think and see all your activities. Keep the comments flowing and we’ll do our best to develop the app even further.

If you experience any problems contact us by email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or on the forums where the community can also help.

Feature review

Track you rides, runs or walks
Clear, concise stats of your current activity as well as a grand total of your effort with a log of all the activities carried out and recorded. Speed, pace, calories, heart rate, distance and much more give you all the stats you need to measure your performance and progress.

Review and analyse activity data
A detailed breakdown of your activity lets you analyse and review how you got on. The activity replay provides second by second stats of your activity to better judge your effort.

View charts and 3D maps of routes
Charts of the route profile, heart rate and speed provide more information to compare how you got on. When watching live activities by other Map My Tracks the 3D map mode give a sense of what they are doing along with live telemetry including their current speed, distance and the elevation they are covering.

Comment, share and like activities
Read and comment on your friend’s activities and help keep them motivated and if you don’t feel like commented then tap the like button to show that you’re impressed. Facebook and Twitter sharing, along with email exporting, let you keep your social networks up to date with your activities. Auto tweets when starting and stopping an activity let you broadcast your activity live on Twitter for your friends to follow as you’re out and about.

Browse and follow friends activities
Start following your friend’s activities and have them display on your Home Wall so you don’t miss out on any action. Public profiles showcase your activities along with who’s following you and who you are following. The Activity Wall can be configured to show streams of activities by type, user, location, tag or all of the latest activities.  The Activity Wall is kept in sync with your website profile so if you add a stream on your phone you’ll find it in your online Explore Wall as well.


Team training rooms

Hot on the heals of introducing personal training rooms comes the release of team training rooms. What's the difference? Well, the team training room features the public activities from all team members along with a breakdown of each one.

Just like a personal training rooms the team rooms provide a breakdown of each activity with distance, pace, calories, duration and activity type from all team members. It’s easy to see who’s working well and what sort of activities they are doing. All in one place.

As with all training rooms you can browse the activities by activity type across this month, year or since the team started. The training room dashboard summaries the team’s total distances, durations, calories and activities.

There are individual totals for each statistic along with options to filter any tagged activities.

We’ll be adding more tools into the personal and team training rooms over the next few weeks so keep a watch on the training rooms to see what’s next.

We hope you enjoy sharing your activities with your team members.

We have a winner! Roystien wins the first March Miles Cycle Challenge

Over the month of March cyclists around the world have been taking to the streets to participate in the first Map My Tracks March Miles Cycle Challenge. It's been thrilling to watch the lead change, then change again, but victory goes to Roystien with an impressive 1766 kilometers ridden in March.

Collectively, there has been 18387 kilometres ridden with the winner riding an impressive 1766 kilometres alone. That’s over 1000 miles in a month! In the end, two riders reached that milestone with everyone contributing to a great total.

Huge congratulations go to all of the participants for the impressive effort involved in completing so many miles.

Roystien has taken the win and the jersey of Lars-Petter Nordhaug of Team Sky. The jersey is signed by fellow team mates including Bradley Wiggins, Alex Dowsett, Peter Kennaugh, Rigoberto Uran, Xabier Zandio, Juan Antonio Flecha, Christian Knees, Davide Appollonio, Dario David Cioni, Rusell Downing, Jeremy Hunt, Edvald Boasson Hagen, Kurt-Asle Arvesen and Lars-Petter Nordhaug himself.

The official March Miles Cycle Challenge hall of fame, after one month of cycling, in March is:

  • 1. Roystien (1766 km) wins the signed Team Sky jersey plus a Map My Tracks jersey
  • 2. jontabb (1747 km) wins a Map My Tracks jersey
  • 3. flashjackson (1457 km) wins a Map My Tracks jersey

Everyone that has participated also receives a March Miles badge for their profile to remind them of the miles ridden in all weathers.

We can’t thank you all enough for taking part in what is the first of many challenges we have planned. It’s been fascinating to watch the challenge unfold through March and we hope that everyone has enjoyed putting in some early season miles and made some friends along the way.

We’ll be giving you a rest through April but if you are up for another challenge it won’t be long until May is here.

Well done to all that took part. Keep safe on the roads.



Personal training rooms makes an appearance

More regular users of Map My Tracks will know that we like to make sure that you have a steady flow new tools and features to help make sense of your activities. It is with this in mind that we have today launched personal training rooms.

The training room lets you analyze your activities in more detail to better understand your performance. We’ve made it easy to see the useful stuff like distances, calories and durations along with a breakdown of your activity types.

As we found the training room so useful ourselves we have decided launch them a little sooner than planned. There are plenty more features planned for the training room but even as it stands it great tool to help understand, organise and monitor how you’re getting on.

You can find your own training room from your ‘My activities’ pages. The sidebar has links into the training room which starts by showing all your activities for the current month.
Map My Tracks training room

The training room dashboard features a breakdown of the core statistics from your activities this month together with a range of options to browse previous months and years. A summary display the data for each time period so now it’s easy to see how many miles you did in 2010 or the amount of calories burned last month plus much more.

Map My Tracks training room

With many more features planned we aim to make the training room even more useful. If there is a feature, stats or tool that you would find useful just let us know and we’ll see what we can do about adding it. Email support [at] with your suggestions.

We hope you enjoy using the training room as much as we have while building it.

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