Fuel participant and fan engagement at your sports event with Map My Tracks

Map My Tracks Events is a comprehensive live tracking platform for sport events that maximises your event impact - before, during and after

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Map My Tracks Events

Built for sports events. Built for sports fans.

Promote your event, track participants live, showcase event sponsors and get a great mobile app for participants and spectators to follow the action live.

Create a free event to plan, promote, manage and track your sports events live.

Create routes, track participants with live GPS tracking and get a mobile app for participants to use.

Take your next event to a new level with Map My Tracks. Map My Tracks brings sports events alive for spectators to follow along live online. Tracking mass participation sports events has never been easier. Map My Tracks makes tracking everyone in an event in real time super simple and is the perfect companion to any outdoor event to track both race participants and race staff members.

  • Event app - Give your participants an event app featuring routes, news and GPS tracking.
  • Broadcast live - Reach an online audience while the event takes place with live GPS tracking, news updates and participant performance data.
  • Track participants - Track any number of participants with second-by-second live GPS tracking.
  • Maps & profiles - Create great route maps, elevation profiles to embed on your website with full breakdown of route statistics.
  • Sponsors - Boost sponsor engagement and connect them with participants and specatators.
  • Promote your event - Publish event news and updates during the event to participants.
  • Monitor event staff - Keep track of staff's location on the day of the event.
  • Event planner - Manage all your events from one powerful event app available on any connected device.

And it's great for your participants, spectators and sponsors too...

Live GPS tracking. Route information. Event buzz. It's all there for your participants to use.

  • Powerful tracking apps - Free mobile apps for live tracking at events.
  • Let others follow your progress - Track your progress in events and let friends and family follow live.
  • Follow the event buzz - Aggregate conversations from Twitter and Instagram.
  • See how you did - Compare your performance against others in the event.
  • Get the route - Download comprehensive route files to follow during the event.

It takes just a moment to set up an event and get started.

You'll get everything you need to impress your participants and promote your event.

Step 1 - Create an event. Add one now →

Step 2 - Tell participants to attend the event on Map My Tracks.

Step 3 - Have participants track their progress live using OutFront or Endurance .

Step 4 - Follow the action live on Map MyTracks or through embedded maps on your website.

For live events - participants should track using a Map My Tracks OutFront app in public mode.
For event replays - record & sync using a Map My Tracks app or upload GPX data

Key features

Everything you need to plan, promote and track your sports event.

Interactive maps

Create interactive maps so participants can explore routes and download files for their preferred GPS device

Live GPS tracking

Track participants and bring the event alive online for fans and spectators to follow while the event takes place

Web-based editor

Build, update and manage the event app on the go so participants and spectators have all the latest from the event

Built-in social buzz

Gather all the social buzz from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and show it in one stream in the app or on your web site


Build your event community and embed interactive maps and elevation profiles on your own website

GPS timing

Set up timed segments, timing gates or time complete routes and receive an interactive leader board for each one

Need a custom event app?

We've delivered robust, scalable sports event apps used by the Tour of Britain and Team Sky.

Get one for your event. Find out more or call +44 (0)1227 811771 for a price quote.

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Who else uses Map My Tracks Events?

From solo challenges, to charities, to teams, to sports clubs, to enormous mass-participation events, Map My Tracks is the go-to sports event management platform for events world-wide.

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Who should use Map My Tracks?

If you need a live, immersive participant and spectator experience for your sports event then choose Map My Tracks.

  • Event organisers - promote and engage with participants
  • Charities - raise awareness of fund raising activity
  • Sports teams - engage with your fans
  • Media - create community hubs around global events
  • Sports clubs - perfect for club races and open events
  • Businesses/brands - ideal for promotional events

Affordable simple pricing, with no surprises.

Explore the package that will take your events to the next level of greatness. Each package includes a web app for each event and a listing on Map My Tracks.

Pay monthly, switch packages or cancel any time.

BASIC - unlimited events
The best sports event web app with live tracking for up to 5 participants
PREMIUM - unlimited events
Basic + live tracking for up to 50 participants & tracking over 12 hours - Upgrade
ENTERPRISE - unlimited events
Premium + live tracking for up to 250 participants & tracking over 12 hours - Upgrade

Only need the extras for a weekend? Upgrade to Premium or Enterprise when you need the extras and downgrade back to Basic straight afterwards.

What's included in each package?

Included in every package: A web app for each event, live tracking, event replay, private events, detailed maps & elevation profiles, sponsor listings, news announcements, website integration tools, event listing across Map My Tracks event apps.

Need to track more participants live?

Add as many additional live tracking participants to the unlimited package for $15/month per 100 participants.

Ready to add your event?

Make the most of your event. Add your event now.

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To busy? No problem. We can get everything set up for you. Contact the or call +44 (0)1227 811771 for a price quote.