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Bol d’Or Mirabaud extends GPS tracking to the whole fleet courtesy of Map My Tracks

Map My Tracks announces partnership to provide live GPS tracking at this year’s Bol d’Or Mirabaud. For the first time in the 72 year history of the Bol d'Or Mirabaud, all of the 500 or more boats participating will be able to use live GPS tracking courtesy of Map My Tracks. Map My Tracks will be providing live GPS tracking via its range of mobile phone sports apps in conjunction with the organisers of this prestigious sailing event sailed on Lake Geneva on June 12.

In previous years the Cercle de la Voile de la Société Nautique de Genève has invested in GPS tracking for up to 100 boats. By taking advantage of Map My Tracks’ comprehensive range of compatible mobile phones they are, for the first time, able to offer live GPS tracking to the whole fleet.

Competitors with compatible mobile phones will be able to download a Map My Tracks mobile app that will update and broadcast their live location during the race so that spectators can follow the racing action on the event website via the organiser’s online race viewer. With such an extensive range of compatible mobile phone apps, that are compatible with iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson phones, the organisers expect a large proportion of the fleet to be tracking live for spectators to follow around the world.

In Map My Tracks the event organisers have found a practical and cost effective alternative to the expensive proprietary GPS tracking solutions that have previously limited the number participants that can be tracked live. By taking advantage of the explosion of mobile phones that have GPS capabilities, event organisers of mass participation sports are now able to offer GPS tracking to all competitors via the Map My Tracks event platform which broadcasts live action online for spectators around the world to follow.

Each competitor that uses Map My Tracks at this year’s Bol d’Or Mirabaud will be able to replay and compare their performance after the event to analyse their strategy and find out where the race was won or lost.

Speaking about today’s fantastic news Map My Tracks’ Nick Tatt says “We are delighted to be involved with such a prestigious sailing event as the Bol d’Or Mirabaud. The event has a long track record of pushing the boundaries and the addition of GPS tracking from Map My Tracks means that for the first time in its history the whole fleet can be tracked live for spectators to follow.”

Racing starts on June 12 and spectators will be able to follow the racing action live on the event website at

New feature: take-away embeddable columns

imageWe have recently added a new widget or two and today we are pleased to announce the addition of embeddable activity wall columns to the set. In short, you can now take any column you create away with you to use on your own website or blog.

The public activity wall is a great way to explore activities on your doorstep or around the world. It lets you create columns that display the latest activities by activity type, user, country, place, favourites or by keyword search. Using columns can help you keep tabs on activities around you or by any activity type that you participant in. Into cycling? Create a cycling column to follow. Live in the UK? Create a column for all UK activities. Now you can take any one of these columns away with you to use on a blog or website.

Embedding a column is simple

To take a column away with you simply grab the code to use on your website. Each column has it’s own button to grab the code needed.


Click on the embed button and copy the code to your own blog or website. It’s that simple.


Customising your columns couldn’t be easier

To add a new column to your personalised activity wall click on ‘Add column’ then select the column to add or enter a keyword search term.


Once you have added a column you can grab the embed code to use on your own blog.

To give you an idea of how it looks, we have embedded the latest activities column in the sidebar of this blog page.

Handy uses of embeddable columns

Here are a few ideas for using embeddable columns.

  • It sounds obvious but you can embed a column of your own activities on your blog to share with friends.
  • Fitness/sports website publishers can embed a column of favourite activities showcasing special workouts or rides to readers.
  • Sports clubs can embed a column of all nearby activities created by club members.
  • People participating in charity rides or runs can embed a column on their own website.

We’re sure that you can think of many more. If you do take a column away with you do tell us how you are using it. We’d love to hear about it.

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More widget goodness for displaying your latest activity

You asked for it so here it is. You can now embed an image-based widget that shows details of your latest activity. As suggested by the Map My Tracks community this is a handy widget that lets you embed details of your latest activity in forum signatures or simply on your blog or website.

To use the widget you will need to enable it via your profile. Once activated the widget will automatically be embedded in your Map My Tracks forum signature and you can copy and paste the code snippet to use on other websites or forums.

By way of an example, here’s mine.

We hope you enjoy using the new widget. As ever, keep the suggestions and comments coming in.

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Latest activities widget added to sharing options

One of the more frequent requests is a way to embed the latest activity done on people's own websites or blogs. In response to popular demand we have added a new widget that makes it super simple to embed details of your latest activity on your blog or website. What's more it will highlight when you are live so that your friends or family can easily follow your progress.

How to use the widget?

As with all our widgets you are in complete control over your privacy. The widget will only ever display the latest public activity that you have done.

To use it you will first need to enable the ‘Latest activity’ widget within your profile.


Once enabled you can set the width of the widget to match the column width of your blog or website.


Simply enter the width then copy and paste the code to your site. It’s that simple.

By way of an example, my own latest activity together with weekly and total distances is below.


We hope you enjoy using the new widget. As ever, keep the suggestions and comments coming in.

Free goodies giveaway for fans of Map My Tracks on Facebook

Team SkyTo continue celebrating our partnership with Team Sky we have some more goodies to give away. This time fans of the Map My Tracks Facebook page will be in with a chance to win a weatherproof iPhone bike mount plus a copy of OutFront, our iPhone app.

To enter

It’s simple, become a fan of Map My Tracks on Facebook by 09:00 GMT Wednesday 28 April, 2010 and be in the draw. That’s it.

The first two fans drawn at random will receive a bike mount plus a copy of OutFront. The next ten drawn at random will receive free copies of OutFront.

A random draw of the eligible fans will take place on Wednesday 28 April and we’ll announce the winner here on Map My Tracks and on Facebook.


Start by becoming a fan.

Best of luck.



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Retweet competition - Win an iPhone bike mount worth over £40

iPhone bike mount To celebrate our new partnership with Team Sky we are giving away a weather-proof iPhone bike mount to use together with our iPhone app Outfront. The bike mount, from Dahon, is great for using with our app OutFront while you're out on your ride and we like it a lot.

OutFront - multi sport GPS application for iPhone

To stand a chance of winning one of the bike mounts simply follow us on Twitter, retweet our competition announcement and carry out a bike ride tagged ‘comp’ from our iPhone app OutFront or other mobile apps. It’s that simple.

To enter

1. Follow us and Retweet our competition announcement on Twitter.
2. Carry out a public activity tagged ‘comp’ from our iPhone app OutFront or other mobile apps and upload it to Map My Tracks.

All activities tagged ‘comp’ will be online to view.

There are a few simple rules

  • Live or synced activities created on or between April 7th and April 14th and tagged ‘comp’ will be eligible.
  • Only one activity per person tagged ‘comp’ will be eligible for each draw but feel free to retweet as often as you like.
  • You must follow @mapmytracks on Twitter so that we can inform you if you win.
  • You must retweet the competition tweet.

A random draw of the eligible activities will take place and we’ll announce the winner here on Map My Tracks and on Twitter. The winner will be sent a DM so be sure to follow us on Twitter. The bike mount sent shortly after the draw by standard post.

Best of luck.

Win an iPhone bike mount

UPDATE: The competition is now closed and the winner, chosen with the help of, is mwd. Well done and we hope you enjoy using the bike mount along with Outfront.

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Team Sky add Map My Tracks to their roster of technological partners

Team SkyMap My Tracks and Team Sky announce new four year partnership to exploit performance GPS tracking. Following the news last month of the launch of OutFront, a comprehensive multi–sport iPhone app for sports enthusiasts, Map My Tracks have today announced a 4-year deal with professional cycling’s newest and highly-publicised team, Team Sky.

The deal will see Map My Tracks and its iPhone app OutFront become part of Team Sky’s racing and training weaponry, and will enable its athletes to be tracked as they train in pursuit of success this year.

Map My Tracks, and its mobile applications provide F1-style performance telemetry enabling its users to measure speed, pace, calories burned, elevation gain or loss and much more. The partnership demonstrates that Team Sky is prepared to leave no stone unturned in its quest to become the world’s best pro cycling team, and to use all available technologies in their pursuit of that excellence.

Speaking about today’s fantastic news Map My Tracks’ Nick Tatt said, “We are delighted with our new partnership with Team Sky. We are looking forward to working closely with the team’s performance coaches and riders to provide real-time performance tracking solutions that will help the team achieve their goal of becoming one of the world’s leading cycling teams. Map My Tracks has been leading the way in performance telemetry for sports enthusiasts and it’s great to partner with a British pro cycling team.” 

”We are constantly looking into the technological advantages that could potentially help us to perform better and with this new partnership we have the possibility to both use cutting edge GPS tracking and potentially help develop this technology even further for bike riders”, says Team Sky Principal Dave Brailsford.

The deal takes effect immediately and runs through to the end of 2013 during which time Map My Tracks will develop a range of performance web and mobile apps for the Pro Tour cycling team. The first app, OutFront for the iPhone, is already on the market and will be used in training rides. Visit for further product information.

OutFront - multi sport GPS application for iPhone

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New feature: activity comparison

Being able to compare two activities together has been on Map My Tracks for a while now but it was a little tricky to use. We've listened to the feedback from users who had trouble using it and have now rolled out a new and improved way to select and compare any two activities.

Activity comparison is a great way to find out it you’re making progress in your training. It makes is easy to select an activity you may have carried out six months ago and compare it to a more recent one. What’s more you can compare your performance against other peoples’ activities who may have done the same route.

To compare any two activities of your own visit your activity wall then click ‘Compare activities’. Drag and drop the maps of the two activities you want to compare to the edit bar at the bottom and click Compare. You’ll then see both activities presented together. Click the play button in the top of the sidebar and watch a replay.  It’s that simple.


If you’re keen to compare your activities against other peoples first add their activity to your Favourites. All favourite activities get listed on your activity wall favourites so you can select and compare any public activity. To compare yours against other people’s you’ll need to make your own activity a favourite as well then simply use the activity comparison tools to view both at the same time.

We hope you enjoy using the activity comparison tools. Please let us know what you think here on the blog, on Twitter or on Facebook.


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MMT Mobile version 1.2 now available

Today we have pushed live a new release of Map My Tracks Mobile (v1.2). In this release we have added 'Where am I?', track tagging and global time together with some UI improvements.

Where Am I?
Show your current position on a map without starting a track. Sometimes it useful to just see where you are without tracking. Where am I? does just this.

tagsView more screenshots
Tag tracks
Organise your tracks by tagging them directly from your phone. Now you can tag your tracks from your phone as you start your activity and have them appear within your tracks on the site. It’s a great way to organise your tracks by activity, location or whatever you find useful.

Global time
We’ve introduced a notion of universal time. No matter where you are in the world, viewing a track in real-time shows correct track information across time zones.

Signed version
We have made available a signed (trusted) version of the Map My Tracks Mobile. For many people, this will help Map My Tracks install and work correctly on their phones.

We hope you enjoy the new improvements
We’re really excited about this round of features. They all help to make Map My Tracks more useful and set the groundwork for some exciting features that are in development. We hope you find the features as useful as we do.

Thanks for your support in Map My Tracks.

Get the latest version by browsing on your mobile to

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Do you tweet on Twitter?

For those of you that use Twitter you can follow Map My Tracks and get updates on new version releases, events and news.

For those unaware, Twitter is a free micro-blogging service, where content is delivered to your mobile phone in 140 characters or less. We’ve set up a Map My Tracks account so you’ve got another way to follow the many happenings here at Map My Tracks central.

If you enjoy tweets then start following Map My Tracks to make sure you don’t miss out. If you don’t enjoy tweets don’t worry all our news will still be available here.

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