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Hummy1 - Cycling 22.8km @ Cardiolegist-Joseph Simon P, Great Britain about 58 mins

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dberkhauer - Cycling 11.3km @ Thames Tidal Barrier, Great Britain about 1 hour, 11 mins

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Nico_Weba88 - Running 7.9km @ Ruisseau la Jouine, France about 1 hour, 16 mins

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barbarazielke - Running 6.1km @ Hotel am Jakobsmarkt, Germany about 1 hour, 24 mins

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jeverson - Running 5.9km @ First Waterfall Ravine, South Africa about 1 hour, 27 mins

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Gumoka - Cycling 12.3km @ carrera popular ciudad de los Angeles, Spain about 1 hour, 39 mins

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RobotDuck - Running now @ Tromarkhis, Cyprus

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GuzBoz - Cycling 23.7km @ Barmera, Australia about 1 hour, 43 mins

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GuzBoz - Cycling 23.7km @ Barmera, Australia about 1 hour, 43 mins

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JohnStokesWhittaker - Cycling 38.7km @ Ashtead Village, Great Britain about 1 hour, 53 mins

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DanMunteanu - Cycling 3.5km @ Radu Negru, Romania about 2 hours, 2 mins

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Cycling - Looks like you've been busy. You've just covered more than 5000 kilometres with Map My Tracks.

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oilywalk - Walking 1.5km @ Tring, Great Britain about 2 hours, 6 mins


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