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horace10327 - Cycling 0.0km @ K'ang-kao-k'eng, Taiwan about

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DaSistasDad - Cycling 39.5km @ Welwyn Garden City, Great Britain about

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borisp - Running 4.3km @ Entertainment Centre, Australia about

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howardl - Walking 7.1km @ Curl Curl, Australia about

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oilywalk - Walking 1.5km @ Tring, Great Britain about 35 mins

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rongreg - Cycling 12.5km @ Esh Sheikh Muwannis, Israel about 54 mins

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sharhard - Cycling 19.6km @ Kilkenny, Australia about 1 hour

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V1V31R05 - Walking 0.0km @ Benfica, Portugal about 2 hours

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sjaak - Cycling 27.1km @ Edam, Netherlands about 2 hours

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andymasters - Walking 4.4km @ Lindley, South Africa about 2 hours

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mbjoshi - Walking 3.5km @ Bhatha, India about 2 hours

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NWhalen - Walking 1.3km @ Taree, Australia about 3 hours


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